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kabomber: And the base for the first room is done! Nov 19, 2014 19:56:25 GMT -5
drenrin2120: :D Nov 19, 2014 23:31:56 GMT -5
kabomber: The first floor is now open for players, but there's no formal loot chest yet. Second floor base is now done and ready for spawners. Nov 20, 2014 16:35:46 GMT -5
drenrin2120: I added the third floor... but it may have been all for nothing. It's not finished as competing the challenge doesn't give you access to the next floor yet. It also may be buggy. Lemme know what y'all think! Nov 21, 2014 15:08:35 GMT -5
quaint256: I was just attacked by a Grue from lycanite mobs and the server crashed again Nov 22, 2014 18:12:10 GMT -5
drenrin2120: We will update the modpack soon. Lycanites has put out a bunch of new bug fixes since we installed it on the server and grue keeps popping up in the console as causing crashes. Stay tuned! For now, the server is up and running. Nov 23, 2014 2:14:48 GMT -5
quaint256: Uuuuh Dren! i think i brought it down again, i just wanted to login and it crashed on me and said that the server was down, think that the Lycanite update is really needed Nov 23, 2014 7:03:28 GMT -5
drenrin2120: Should be back up and running now! Sorry for the long wait, I ended up working a double shift today and couldn't do anything until just now. Also, I'm currently updating lycanites so stay tuned! Nov 23, 2014 23:48:36 GMT -5
drenrin2120: I've updated to modpack 2.1 with the latest version of Lycanites mob, you'll have to update! Nov 25, 2014 3:36:09 GMT -5
kabomber: Just polished up the 3rd floor of the Gauntlet Tower that Drenrin made! Gonna start sprucing up the 4th floor. Dec 4, 2014 17:43:26 GMT -5
drenrin2120: Yeah, I didn't know what to do about the 4th floor, I was experimenting with npcs and then got distracted doing other things. Dec 4, 2014 23:34:34 GMT -5
pohotu3: Fourth floor seems to be broken ATM. Defeated alchemist and the doors did not open. Dec 5, 2014 20:59:37 GMT -5
drenrin2120: Yeah, the gauntlet is a work in progress. The 4th floor is as far as you can get currently. Nice to have you Pohotu! Why not introduce yourself in the hello/goodbye board? Dec 5, 2014 23:53:00 GMT -5
kabomber: Today is the 21st anniversary of Doom! Show your love of the hellish game that inspired Lycanites by killing Doom enemies in the Nether. Dec 11, 2014 15:06:49 GMT -5
kabomber: Hey guys, just a little note! Boss floors in the Gauntlet Tower will now have special loot that can be sold at the shop in the lobby! As we finish making higher floors, the shop might change a bit to account for this. Jan 31, 2015 10:59:46 GMT -5
sadghoster87: How do I get WildCaves 3? There's no 1.7.10 download Feb 24, 2015 19:24:02 GMT -5
tibbcrafter: is the link for the modpack broken? Apr 19, 2015 13:42:06 GMT -5
quaint256: The server is Down permanent so that maybe why the download link is broken Apr 22, 2015 16:18:21 GMT -5
demoniccrepes: I'm having problems with the modpack I click the link then directs me to filedropper where I have no idea what to do other than load my OWN already downloaded files. Am I doing something wrong or is it a server issue? Aug 18, 2015 9:39:39 GMT -5
monipulateddusk: I would appreciate some help regarding the modpack location Aug 31, 2019 9:21:15 GMT -5